Weekly Recap/Observations – July 18, 2014

-Harvested our first cucumber

-The chickens have discovered the cucumbers and determined they like the newly budding fruit so our first cucumber may also be our last

-Harvested two handfuls of green beans – apparently they were growing quite well hidden under their leaves

-Trace “harvested” 5 from Artemis’ litter – we saved out two females to take over for Beatrix (who turned out to be Buster)

-We gave Buster to Rob who was looking for a younger male as Bugsy isn’t doing so well these days

-We bred Clover this week

-Trace visited Phood (our pig at Rob’s) and helped move the pig pen

-We have another broody hen; we’ve set her up in one of the rabbit grow out cages as it’s been so warm we wanted her someplace that would have good air circulation. I put 8 eggs under her.

-Our Premier1 fencing arrived. We’ve set it up and moved the goats, their house and their spools into the area.

-The guineas won’t leave the goats for very long and have no interest in roosting with the chickens, so we’ve let them be

-This week was still warm (mid-80s) but it’s cooling down and it looks like we should get some rain this weekend


Weekly Recap/Observations – July 11, 2014

-Re-mulched the garden with straw/hay from under the rabbits and then watered everything

-Trace also mucked out under the chickens and started a pile for that to compost (throughout the week the chickens spread it out looking for bugs to the point there is no longer a pile)

-Trace went to the feed store and picked up the goat, rabbit and chicken food for the month as well as straw and hay

-Brynn watched the animals for us overnight Sunday; seemed to go smoothly

-It’s been a hot week, at least the goats’ water has been dry every night when I’ve arrived home

-Artemis kindled; Trace counted 9 babies

-We opened the door for the keets so they could wander in the goat yard; they seem to be enjoying the freedom and have not flown over/out (yet)

-Temps were mid to high 80s all week

-Pumpkin plant is huge and has flowers – fingers crossed we actually get some pumpkins

-Zucchini is doing well – a couple of small ones have started growing

-The herbs are struggling with the heat – I think I put them in the wrong bed, they should be in one that gets shade earlier

-Everything else seems to be growing well and enjoying the heat (especially with the mulch holding in the moisture)


Plant Identification No. 1

With 5 acres in the mountain foothills of Western Washington we have a wide variety of flora on our property. It’s our goal to identify as many plants as we can.

I’ve started taking pictures of the plants as we walk with the goal of identifying them. Luckily many are flowering these days which makes identification significantly easier.

So far I believe we’ve positively identified:

Orange Honeysuckle (Lonicera ciliosa)

Orange Honeysuckle
Orange Honeysuckle
Orange Honeysuck
Orange Honeysuckle

Thimbleberry  (Rubus parviflorus)


Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)

Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle
Stinging Nettle

I’ll add pictures to the Identifying Plants page/gallery.

Any help in identifying unlabeled plants (or correcting existing identifications) would be welcome.

We Have Bunnies!

After a number of unsuccessful breeding attempts we worked with our friend Rob and did some rabbit exchanges.

The results of which were: Winston became a dad about two weeks ago. We bred him with Rob’s Cali and they produced 10 offspring.

And, today Artemis had 7 kits (6 alive, 1 dead). We bred Artemis with Rob’s Bugsy. The only one who did not successfully breed was Clover. We tried to breed her with Bugsy the same day Winston and Cali bred.

We’ll have to decide what we do from here. It’s likely that Artemis and Winston will get to stick around. Clover, however, will likely move on. None of us really want to harvest her so we’ll either pass her along to Rob or find a new home for her elsewhere.

Breeding attempt – 11/30/12

After many unsuccessful breeding attempts  we continued to research and found this:

He should show an interest almost immediately, but we like to leave the doe in there for a full day (provided they get along), just to make sure he gets her scent.

rabbitsfrom Vela Creations and decided to leave Clover in Winston’s cage overnight. As you can see, they get along just fine.