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Weekly Recap/Observations – October 9, 2014

We’ve been busy but much of the work has been indoors.

Trace and Ryan finished the bar in the rec room! We also spent a weekend (plus some) crawling around in the attic space running a wire for the microwave, covering the pipes with insulation, installing our bedroom ceiling fan, and replacing the bathroom fans; all in preparation for the blown insulation to go in by the end of the month.

As far as the outside projects:

-We’ve been getting duck eggs! We’re not entirely sure why they’ve started laying in the chicken area. My theory is where Trace and Ryan put the goats has disrupted where they used to lay and as they do spend their nights with the chickens, so the straw bale seemed like as good a place as any.

-Unfortunately we may have waited too long on our tomatoes. I’m not sure we can rescue the green ones at this point – cool temperatures and extra moisture in the air seem to ¬†have done a number on our plants.

-On the other hand we have a TON of peppers. And they’re still growing! We’re harvesting these and freezing some. I’m not sure what else we’ll do with them.

-We visited our pig last weekend – he’s doing well. We’re looking at harvesting mid-November.



Weekly Recap/Observations – July 18, 2014

-Harvested our first cucumber

-The chickens have discovered the cucumbers and determined they like the newly budding fruit so our first cucumber may also be our last

-Harvested two handfuls of green beans – apparently they were growing quite well hidden under their leaves

-Trace “harvested” 5 from Artemis’ litter¬†– we saved out two females to take over for Beatrix (who turned out to be Buster)

-We gave Buster to Rob who was looking for a younger male as Bugsy isn’t doing so well these days

-We bred Clover this week

-Trace visited Phood (our pig at Rob’s) and helped move the pig pen

-We have another broody hen; we’ve set her up in one of the rabbit grow out cages as it’s been so warm we wanted her someplace that would have good air circulation. I put 8 eggs under her.

-Our Premier1 fencing arrived. We’ve set it up and moved the goats, their house and their spools into the area.

-The guineas won’t leave the goats for very long and have no interest in roosting with the chickens, so we’ve let them be

-This week was still warm (mid-80s) but it’s cooling down and it looks like we should get some rain this weekend